If you thought knowing your sexual orientation was enough to land you in a happy relationship, you thought wrong… Of course. Not even knowing your kinks and perversions is quite enough to be picking the right partners you will never get tired of, two kinksters may have a completely different idea of what is hot, and even a slight difference in nuance can turn what might have been incredible into something lacking a little.

In this category, I’ll be talking about stuff that should go into your dating profile in some form if you should take to online dating in the future. This will help you pinpoint your absolute ideal relationship, and paint a picture so luscious that your ideal partners cannot resist – and who will also feel free to tell you that hey, that is exactly what I want.

I will also give you a very firm idea on why you reject the people you reject so you will never need to feel two ways (or shallow) about it again in your life.

The way we are now picking our partners will make you mistrust your instinct, and logically pick the wrong partner about 80% of the time – by my hunch. It is more complicated than you’d like but it is simpler than what you’d fear.

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