The ages old question is, that is it possible to have a lasting relationship with someone who you both love and feel lust towards? Lust and love are often treated like they were mutually exclusive feelings, but I claim that is not at all the case.

“Don’t mistake lust for love”lust and love, they say. “Don’t think a guy is in love with you just because he says so, a young man would say whatever it takes to have his way with you.” The cynicism of our culture is overwhelming; we are being trained to not be stupid enough to think that someone might both love you and find you incredibly hot at the same time. Let’s repeat that; Our parents and elders teach us to not be stupid enough to think someone might love you as a sexual being.

No wonder we’re all fucked up.

I say, though, as a spiritual theorist and a soulmate expert and a relationship guru and a life coach; If you are not lusting after that person like you were afraid you’d go blind, it’s not true love but some cop out bullshit relationship that you’re getting into because you’re afraid of trusting your instincts. Lust and love are not only possibly compatible, it is a requirement for both of those things to exist in a true romantic relationship, otherwise, you’re all pretending.

I’m going one step further still.

If you are not completely up to your ears  in sex, on top of that, completely, and utterly in love and inseparable in ways that you cannot picture life without each other,  you should probably get married because marriage is only beneficial for people who don’t really want to stay together. People who are really, truly in love tend to break up, because true love hates an environment where something so pure is being reduced into a legal contract of exchanging love in sufficient amounts to satisfy the terms of the contract.

The combo of lust and love translate into incredible sex

True love is about absolute understanding and acceptance and adoration of the other person for everything they are – including for their sexual perversions that others would shun them for, or that others would not want to share with them. I also believe that feeling lust towards someone, and the higher the mutual lust, the better, is an indicator of how compatible you are as partners; how deep your emotional connection is, and how high the potential of absolute bliss is between you two.

Because of this, lust and love must go together, and anyone who wants perfect either must become comfortable with both…

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