The natural alignment to forming sexual relationships between several men and only one woman is called polyandry. The natural leaning towards this way of forming relationships causes a series of problems, including the inability of being faithful unless in very strict circumstances and with the support of one’s friends’ unhappiness… The polyandrous men cheat differently to the polygynous, polygamous… and the monogamous

One more rock n’ roll celebrity love story wiser, I got such a clear idea of why the polyandrous androphile men wind up cheating. That means essentially every rock star known to humankind, potential being, that I have missed the odd few polygynous rock stars out there, because, essentially, they don’t exist on my personal radar. (If you want, you can also translate this to polygynous women.)

The following post also requires one variable in order for the events to unfold the way that it describes; the presence of at least one true male soulmate; an Exact Spirit Mirror, as I call them, to the man in question. This means we need two straight men who are… Who have this insane bro-crush on each other… Two men who are either great friends or great enemies, sort of depending on the day and which direction the wind is blowing from if you know what I mean.

The polyandrous men cheat, but why?

Polyandrous men, just like everyone else, are attempting to be loyal to one woman because that is what our culture currently expects of all of us, regardless of what is natural to us. However, their primary attention is always on their best friends – their male friends – who they adore and admire over any woman in this world. They love men. They adore men. They want to be more like the men they adore, and one aspect of it is that they have to “be like” their male friends to the level of being in love with the same woman.  (Also androphile women have the same wish to be more like the men they love, it is the very definition of androphilia regardless of one’s own gender.)

They are always looking over their shoulder to see what their male friends are doing in terms of sexual relations until they all settle in love with one girl, the same one. If one of them falls for another girl, they are psychologically forced to turn their attention to this one girl, until they all agree, unanimously, that there is no girl like this one, and there is no way for any one of them to love any another girl. Sometimes, when they do fall for the same girl, they decide neither should date her, because their friendship means more than any girl should, because, hell, we’ve been told one girl cannot be loved by more than one man, right?

However, it is not going to be just any girl. As long as they find a girl who one of them falls for more than the one they already share, they are going to all follow suit and fall for the same girl, helplessly, unless, of course, one girl has hogged a few miss-match lovers to herself who now, finally, find another girl more suited to them while the rest remain with the first one. All good here, as long as energies match, we are all good. The fact that men cheat at all is just a symptom of a relationship that doesn’t work – yet.

So, whenever a Polyandrist Androphile guy is trying to stay loyal to one woman, and his joined-by-the-hip friend is making rounds in the wild, it requires an enormous effort on his part to resist the temptation to join his friend(s) in the hunt of a mutual girlfriend – this is all subconscious of course, it’s not like any one of them would have, most likely, decided that they all need to marry the same girl – if they had, they would not need to try so hard to remain monogamous, but their natural alignment still pulls them into seeking for their mutual ultimate rush with one single woman shared between them all.

So what about the girl, then?

A Solid Thinker polyandrist girl, also, is not really jealous. If she feels her men have fallen for someone else to the point of no return, she will gladly let them all go. A polyandrist woman knows nothing as icky as having a too close a relationship with another woman, therefore, she will automatically reject any man who will pull another woman too close to her. If a man is closely attached to another woman, she will feel the need to stay away, however, if he is GENUINELY more in love with her than the other woman, the other woman is merely a blip on a radar screen for her. In other words, she will never wind up stealing a guy who is truly in love with someone else, but won’t even blink about stealing a guy who she can steal. Polygynist women, however, get turned on by married men; any man who has a woman attached to him. For a polyandrist woman, it is the worst thing she could do for her love life to pretend to be monogamous. That will force HER men, all but one, seek comfort elsewhere, and once that happens, her chosen one will feel left out and is forced to follow his friends to whatever beds they’ve chosen. 😀 The poly-punishment of monogamy is always losing the ones you love to someone else – or to be always in constant turmoil until you understand love is not a pre-set number.


Some polyandrous men will successfully force themselves to loyalty to one woman each. There are some conditions to this, however:

  • The married man needs to know / believe other men would die to have his woman, particularly his closest friend(s)
  • If he has a really close friend, his wife needs to be polygynous, otherwise, she’ll be too prone to cheating on him with his best friend
  • If his friend gets married, he too needs to marry a polygynist woman, otherwise, this first married man will cheat on his wife with his best friend’s new wife.
  • They both need to be equally unhappy with their wives, otherwise, the unhappier of the two will feel the need to try out his best friend’s wife, just in case.

Essentially, their subconscious need is driving them to find the ultimate girlfriend for them both to share, and they’ll always crawl into the bed of the girl who is making the happiest man of the group of friends the happiest.

What naturally polyandrist single women need to know

The Polyandrist girl who is looking for her men, must make her men understand that she will not choose between the men that she loves. She will merely point a finger and say: “I love him, that one, that one, that guy over there, and you, but I will never even attempt to decide which one of you I would choose for a monogamous relationship because that simply won’t happen.” It may well piss off some men who do not know who she is sleeping with at that moment (aka. their freaking soul brothers!), but if they are the right guy, and she sleeps with all the right men, they’ll come crawling to you without any ability to stop themselves.

The Polyandrous Androphile girls need to make sure they sleep with the men they REALLY love, not placeholders. NEVER the placeholders, for long, anyway! You set the bar by the men you sleep with, and your men need to want to be a part of an elite group – not a pack of dumpster divers… Unless of course, that’s sort of your thing. That will drive your men away from her, not draw them in. She will know which is which once she meets one of the right ones, the difference between the right and the wrong is very clear, the only thing that makes it confusing is the expectation of monogamy and the incorrect assumption that nobody is able to love more than one person at a time. As she is just as conditioned to try and be faithful to just one man, she is trying to pick “the right one” out of several right ones, and she’ll change her mind by whomever she is close to at the time.

Having said that… There is a thing about sluts that men love, too; the fact that they don’t need to TRY to win her over, but that she’s that easy and that open that no matter what you are you will be loved for having a cock so to speak. If that is what floats your boat, and I personally fully understand the game… Even if I am not there myself… Quite. 😉

Difficulty relating to women

Let’s throw this out there, too. The polyandrous androphile men (and women, for that matter) have difficulty relating to women. This is because their thinking patterns are very masculine, sex-centered, and driven towards masculinity, therefore they will find it hard to relate, or connect to a woman. This is not a flaw, it is a character trait of a certain personality type, but something that has been treated as if it was just being ignorant or ill-mannered. That is not what that is about, just saying. The most common reason for the fact that some men cheat is that they are being coerced into relationships that are unnatural to them. (That is being cruel, self-serving, and stupid, or at least naive, by women who do that.)

The conclusion

The balance of the natural, ultimate polycon is dependent on all parties being open to their true nature… If not all, then enough of them, at least. For as long as the centric female denies her polyandrous nature, she will push all but one, or all of her men away from her, and is doomed to form lack lustre relationships to men she doesn’t really love – one by one as a serial monogamist. She either accepts the monotony of monogamy and lives with it, or will be continually swapping partners frustratedly blaming herself for her inability to choose or to be happy with perfectly good men.

While the men cannot accept this tendency of theirs, they will always fight each other for “why do you always have to get involved into my relationships – why can’t you just be happy for me but you always have to get my girl?!” Now, a strategic cure to this is for the RIGHT centric girl who is in love with both of these guys to identify the leader and the follower of this pair, if there is such a dynamic, and pair herself with the follower. That will force the normal leader to find himself in his friends usual shoes; coveting the girl of his friend…

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