Is there any logic behind the claim that you cannot base a relationship on sex? We are, still, talking about sexual or romantic relationships, that should, logically, have at least something to do with sex. I understand that families are one thing, but if we are talking about natural relationships, children come as a result of uncontrolled sexual urges, don’t they…?

If a person enjoys sex as the primary component of his or her relationships, then I must ask what is the most important thing for this person in a relationship; Sex. Therefore it is only logical that they would base their entire relationship on great sex. The fact is, this relationship is THEIR relationship, and yet, somehow, other people insist they cannot base a relationship on sex because they, themselves wouldn’t.

Other people want a relationship in order to form a family. If that is the primary purpose of a relationship, then hell, it is probably not the smartest idea to find a person who is simply great in the sack, but there is NOTHING THAT SUPPORTS the idea that children are or should be the primary source of happiness, in fact, there are studies that show that childless couples are generally speaking happier than people with children. This makes sense, too, NOTHING stresses you out as much as having children does, and stress equals unhappiness and inability to enjoy life.

There are plenty of people who have gone into relationships simply because they follow a pattern of behavior mindlessly, and they will have children without thinking it twice. Other people give the idea of having and raising children a good load of thought, and choose to spend their lives doing something different, ANYTHING different, and if that is the case, then to base a relationship on sex alone is quite logical: if you do not intend to have children together, then the only differentiation between a friendship and a love relationship is sex, so it  had better be working, right?

Now… What about people who want both children and sex out of a relationship, sort of a natural alliance, really, as one doesn’t happen without the other… Children are happy when their parents have a healthy sexual relationship. The reason why kids go “eeeeewww” when they think of their parents having sex is not their objection to the idea of old people having sex, but to the idea of incompatible people having sex, because it truly starts to feel like an ewww to a lot of people to think the vast majority of arguing, stressed out, peeved people forcing themselves into a sexual contact with each other. Eww, eww, and eww is right.

If you DO NOT base your relationship on sex, you will be basing a sexual relationship on a contract, and that, pardon me for saying, is icky as hell! It is nothing short of a contract of life long agreement to have sexual relations with a person you don’t really desire to have sex with, but you are doing it anyway in order to get something out of them; security, children, companionship… How come does that not sound like a prostitution or selling bodies to everyone who has ever thought about it?

If you don’t want to have sex with someone, it is NOT a love or romantic relationship, it’s called a friendship, and that should not be a marriage-like situation in this day and age. When we mix sexual fidelity to that mix, it makes absolutely NO SENSE to get married to someone who doesn’t really want sex from you but puts up with it in order to stop you from having sex with someone else instead… Like what the fuck are you people on about anyway?!

So yes. Sex is a great starting point to a sexual relationship, as logic dictates, and yes, you can base a relationship on sex… And if you don’t, you might want to consider an open relationship, just to keep a level of logic attached to your decision making processes.

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