Bad boys belong with bad girls, who find it very easy to erase the thin veneer of a good guy of a man who they decide to liberate. To give a guy the permission to feel the forbidden feelings of lust and desire, will make you think like you just rescued a man from drowning.

This blog is written by a naturally polyandrist, androphile woman. What this means is that I have a genuine, effortless, authentic love for men and masculine traits and that I think of sex much the same way as a stereotypical man. This also means that when a typical woman instructs a guy on sex, I couldn’t disagree with her more if I tried. I like being sexually objectified, and so does every other woman like me, I like men being rough, I like them talking loud – I even like men bragging about having had sex with me, I do not feel I’m losing face by being revealed to have had casual sex – I feel like a female variation of a stud even if such thing hasn’t got a name. I do not have sex to have babies, nor do I seek a relationship for the sake of family or security, I am sexual, romantic, to me the bond between a man and a woman is the more important one than a bond to my female friends, who come second in my list of priorities Every Single Time, but the price of it is that I am also prone to falling in love with more men that I should be…

However, polyandrist men will find that a turn on rather than a turn off – if men truly loved prude women, why do women have to keep reminding them of the expectation every twist and turn? Bad boys belong to bad girls, but good women and good men can’t keep their hands off because all they want is to feel like a lion tamer. To the polygynist, the world needs to be made safe, and a part of that process is to stop polyandrists from running a mock the way they see it, but in reality, when everyone gets what they want, nobody has a reason to be nasty anymore… And that everything includes a level of danger, too.

Let me tell you something… The rules that you treat women by or are expected to treat women by are written by or for women who don’t like you, unless, of course, you didn’t need those rules in the first place. That goes without saying; if you have to change your behavior and the way you see things in order to be loved, your authentic self is going to go without love and appreciation, won’t it. So you believe all women hate men the way men naturally are, but that is not true. The allure of the bad boy is still out there, and every nice guy hates the bad boy because they always get the ladies. It’s just that… There are more bad boys out there than I can poke a stick at – all it takes is a light scratch on the surface and the bad boy comes out breathing heavy of relief like surfacing after a dive way too long.

And I want those bad boys out. I want bad women out. I love bad women nearly as much as I love bad boys, and I want them all out in the open, hedonistic, self-indulgent, succulent, and passionate.

What makes a bad girl bad? Too many men, of course. Girls… See what I am saying?

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