We all want great sex, and we all want to experience true love and an amazing romance. Unfortunately, what we instinctively know to be true at 17, will start to lose it’s feasibility as we get older. The reason is that our culture is inherently cynical, and the warnings of “do not get hurt” will make us talk ourselves from trusting our instinct and trusting ourselves (don’t think you’re that pretty, don’t think anyone that hot would want you) and we decide to not approach the person we wanted – or, at the very least, we do not ask for their love when it is time to do so.

We also have been told that you shouldn’t confuse lust with love. I say you should totally confuse the two, mix them up into a crazy bundle and have both at the same time! 😀 If this is the last blog post you will read in your life, remember this: Never ever doubt the crazy sexual pull. You maybe turned down, no doubt, but if you are into someone, THEY DO HAVE everything you need to be completely satisfied in a relationship with them, the way you are thinking about it at the time. (You will also have an instinctive knowledge of HOW DEEP a relationship this is going to be.) In other words, if it seems too good to be true, you should definitely see for yourself if it is or is not! (Lots of morons out there who just don’t know their ass from their elbow and have figured on behalf of everyone that relationships like these never work out. Bah!)

The way we have been raised has put a stigma on sexuality. Just a personal story; I was head-over-heels, madly in love with this guy, so much so, so freaking deep there was no way out of it (and I have given up trying as I like it here) that whenever he was near, I froze because I didn’t want him to see all of me too easily. To not make a wrong move, to not put him off, to not say the wrong thing… And one of the things I know he was hiding from me that I wanted to point out to him was that we’re both into BDSM. He didn’t see that about me and was hiding that from me… And we both hid, avoided, explained things away and… went our separate ways. I don’t want anyone of you to do that.

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