If you are currently trying to make a good living for yourself, and you think of yourself as someone to whom great sex life matters a lot… If you do not feel sexy working, you won’t be succeeding. If there is ANYTHING ELSE amiss in your life, it will also hinder your career and your sex (romantic) life it will hinder both. These two things are such that most people want to get sorted perfectly, and that everyone else wants to have a say about… Not least your parents.

The first step, I will tell you straight away in the introduction to this category, is to be honest to yourself about the professions that you consider sexy, and how sexy and grown up (independent, self-governing) you feel as you work. You may well be thriving towards the exact thing you are supposed to be thriving for, but you might be held back with something unrelated, but business and pleasure go hand-in-hand, trust me, and if you are in the wrong line of work or not doing it in a way that you’d consider sexy and you value your sexuality more than your bank pocket, you will fail.

Also know, that not everyone has a thing for firefighters or rock stars, people don’t necessarily go ga-ga over existentialist philosophers, or professors, but yet, these people frequent sex stories and porn flicks. So. What is it for you that does it? What profession do you think about when you wish you were someone sexy? (To me, it’s a psychologist of some kind, among other things. 😉 ) And what profession do you think is the sexiest for the people you want to sleep with?

We’ll dig deeper later.

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