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Why I, a sex-obsessed female, want a dress code

A dress code should not be needed. It SHOULD NOT, but it is. People dress up in certain ways to convey a message, and the less we have codes, the harder it is to express oneself through a coded message in a dress. Back in the victorian times, a naughty girl could get a man aroused by showing him her angle. Now, a girl with no intent of having sexual relations with anyone can walk around half naked with no fear of sexual attention. That’s simply BORING.

“You can’t base a relationship on sex” they say. Why not? Is my question.

Is there any logic behind the claim that you cannot base a relationship on sex? We are, still, talking about sexual or romantic relationships, that should, logically, have at least something to do with sex. I understand that families are one thing, but if we are talking about natural relationships, children come as a result of uncontrolled sexual urges, don’t they…?