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Sex Perversions and Romance

We all want great sex, and we all want to experience true love and an amazing romance. Unfortunately, what we instinctively know to be true at 17, will start to lose it’s feasibility as we get older. The reason is that our culture is inherently cynical, and the warnings of “do not get hurt” will […]

“What’s there not to like?” the Difference Between Presumptuous and Sexy

There are two ways to take that “What’s there not to like” attitude towards other people. One is blatantly ignoring one’s own flaws and insisting they do not exist and that other people are in no way different, let alone better, compared to you, and the fun and flirty way, acknowledging one’s flaws and failures, other people’s value and assets, and working with whatever you’ve got…

Sex and Business

If you are currently trying to make a good living for yourself, and you think of yourself as someone to whom great sex life matters a lot… If you do not feel sexy working, you won’t be succeeding. If there is ANYTHING ELSE amiss in your life, it will also hinder your career and your […]

Your Sex Personality

If you thought knowing your sexual orientation was enough to land you in a happy relationship, you thought wrong… Of course. Not even knowing your kinks and perversions is quite enough to be picking the right partners you will never get tired of, two kinksters may have a completely different idea of what is hot, […]