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When Is a Rejection NOT a Rejection?

Rejection can be painful when it comes from someone who you thought would love you. While sometimes this is a real intent, too, there are plenty of situations where people simply misinterpret insecurity and fear for a rejection. This post is hopefully reassuring for those who are truly in love, and who are truly loved […]

“After you, dear Alphonse”, – Why “No Jealousy” is a Bad Poly-policy.

Polyamorists often feel proud of feeling no jealousy over their partners. However, jealousy can be a powerful aphrodisiac to people who are used to having everyone by the snap of their fingers, and who feel that they are having things a little too easy at times… and love the idea of having same-gender partners who are equal to them and well equipped to stealing attention from them at times…

Sex Worth Waiting For

We date with displeasure and expectation of finding nothing exciting and just more of the same disappointing and mundane that everyone is selling, right..? Today, I heard this amazing sentence that kicked things right into place for me – as innocent as it was, it was the hottest thing I’ve heard in a long time.