Why I, a sex-obsessed female, want a dress code

A dress code should not be needed. It SHOULD NOT, but it is. People dress up in certain ways to convey a message, and the less we have codes, the harder it is to express oneself through a coded message in a dress. Back in the victorian times, a naughty girl could get a man aroused by showing him her angle. Now, a girl with no intent of having sexual relations with anyone can walk around half naked with no fear of sexual attention. That’s simply BORING.

“You can’t base a relationship on sex” they say. Why not? Is my question.

Is there any logic behind the claim that you cannot base a relationship on sex? We are, still, talking about sexual or romantic relationships, that should, logically, have at least something to do with sex. I understand that families are one thing, but if we are talking about natural relationships, children come as a result of uncontrolled sexual urges, don’t they…?

Is it fear of intimacy or are you just holding out for something better?

Just to clear out a few more issues out of the way of your future mind-blowing romantic and sex life I will dip my spoon into this soup; Fear of intimacy is another one of those accusations that untrusted or unwanted people use in order to coerce the objects of their affections to lower their bar for them in their bid to gain access to people they would otherwise never reach…

Bad Boys Belong to Bad Girls

What is happening in the mind of a woman who insists on dating a bad boy, throws everything she has onto a line to keep seeing him and to get him married to her, only to start training him into a good guy right after the wedding bells toll. Why would anyone do that, why insist on marrying someone you want to change in the end?

Friday Personal: My non-Bisexuality

My spiritual awakening has happened alongside as I’ve uncovered my own authentic sexuality in such a way that they have been inseparable. One of the many topics that I needed to clarify and wade through in order to know myself as an authentic being was my possible bisexuality. The following may be a little difficult to follow.

Don’t Mock the Missionary Position

The missionary position has a terrible reputation as being something your grandparents used to do in the dark when they were in their 50’s, but in reality, there is a lot to be said about the old favorite that is justifiably the one thing everyone returns to for one simple reason: It feels so freaking good to have everything right where they belong…