I am a 41-year old childfree female individual, so far single (again) but polyandrist by my alignment. I love my footy, (that’s AFL, a Pies fan,) Barbie-dolls, heavy rock (Aerosmith and their descendants,) but most of that has gone with very little attention whilst I’ve been busy working on my psychological spiritual and sexual theories and philosophy that this blog is based on… Well… Always time to appreciate dudes with long locks who play loud and rock hard in tight pants.

I like smart boys. Obsessively creative (not necessarily artistic) geniuses. Romantic perverts with super high standards for themselves and others. Love a guy who is usually difficult to please and get excited. If I chase up a guy it means I’m freaking in love. “Chasing” means I’ll send you a text or two after you stop messaging me after a while, so be sure not to miss my chasing action. 😀

I play through AdultFriendFinder in case you’re local. (And share more naughties over there.)